The Plataforma Solar de Almeria ( PSA ) is a  center for the research in solar thermal technology which is operated by the spanish 'Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas Medioanbientales y Tecnologicas' (CIEMAT) .

The PSA is located near the town of Tabernas, in Almeria, Spain (2o21' E; 37o05' N), not far from the Calar Alto optical observatory, at an altitude of 505 meters a.s.l.. The next large city is Almeria, at about 40 Km, which has an airport, railroad station and seaport.

Although atmospheric conditions for solar energy research are good  (less that ten rainy days/year and an average of 182 clear days/year) the weather conditions at night are unstable due to the relatively low elevation and closeness to the sea . Dew formation on the mirrors is a serious problem which was solved in spring 2000 by spraying every second day all the mirrors with a tensid  solution.